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January 18, 2018

 PC: Sorry, You Can't Patent Cartoon Character


Registered Patents:

  • Drone based Wireless Network  

    • Issued Dec 4, 2017    KR 1018041440000

  • Infant Mental State Analysis System

    • Issued Aug 1, 2017    KR 1017658050000

  • Wearable Smart Tight Cross-legged Detector

    • Issued Apr 17, 2017    KR 1017290570000

  • Autonomous Reconnaissance Bot

    • Issued Sep 28, 2016    KR 1016625240000

Patents Pending:

  • Evasive Movement of Drones using Bio-inspired Algorithms

    • Filed Jan 6, 2017    KR 1020180081644

  • A New Approach for Controlling Drone

    • Filed Aug 30, 2016    KR 1020160110892

  • Palm and Finger based Input Device

    • Filed May 12, 2016    KR 1020160058410

Recent Main Publications:


  • GUDI Siva Leela Krishna Chand, Benjamin Johnston, Mary-Anne Williams, "Fog Robotics: A Summary, Challenges and Future Scope

  • GUDI Siva Leela Krishna Chand, Suman Ojha, Benjamin Johnston, Jesse Clark,Mary-Anne Williams, “Fog Robotics for Efficient, Fluent and Robust Human-Robot Interaction” In 17th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications, Cambridge, MA USA, November 1-3, 2018

  • Sarita Herse, Jonathan Vitale, Daniel Ebrahimian, Meg Tonkin, Suman Ojha, Sidra, Benjamin Johnston, Sophie Phillips, Siva Leela Krishna Chand GUDI, Jesse Clark, William Judge, Mary-Anne Williams, "Bon Appetit! Robot Persuasion for Food Recommendation" In 13th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction, Chicago, IL, USA March 5-8, 2018

  • GUDI Siva Leela Krishna Chand, Suman Ojha, Sidra, Benjamin Johnston, Mary-Anne Williams, “A Proactive Robot Tutor based on Emotional Intelligence” In International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications, KAIST Daejeon, South Korea December 13–15, 2017

  • Suman Ojha, GUDI Siva Leela Krishna Chand, Jonathan Vitale, Mary-Anne Williams, Benjamin Johnston, “I Remember What You Did - A Behavioural Guide Robot” In International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications, KAIST Daejeon, South Korea December 13–15, 2017

  • GUDI Siva Leela Krishna Chand, Suman Ojha, Jesse Clark, Benjamin Johnston, Mary-Anne Williams, “Fog Robotics: An Introduction” In IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Vancouver, BC, Canada September 24–28, 2017

  • Ashish Rauniyar, Dae Ro Jeong, G.S.L.Krishna Chand, Soo Young Shin​," Performance Analysis of Cascaded Energy and Matched Filter Detector With Malicious Users in Cognitive Radio Networks", In Proceedings of The 2015 International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication Systems(ISPACS 2015​), Bali, Indonesia, 9-12 November, 2015

  • GUDI Siva Leela Krishna Chand, Soo Young Shin, " Posture Sensor: Cross Leg Detector at Knee Level", In Proceedings of 10th EAI International Conference on Body Area Networks (BODYNETS), Sydney, Australia, 28-30 September, 2015

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